• English breakfast produces the epitome of a traditional 'British' cup of tea. This brisk and stimulating tea is particularly suited to breakfast time, and can be served with or without milk. Size: 68mm x 40mm x 149mm
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  • Fall in to an enchanting fream world of blissful sleep with Tipson's specail blend of natural herbs.Natural chamomile is an ancient , which is known to failitate relaxation and sleep, and relieve insomina and stress.All the natural ingredients have been carefully blended to help you relax, unwind and enjoy a goodnight's sleep. Size: 81mm x 70mm x 131mm
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  • The old world English flavours of Earl Grey tea, is a warm and a sensational experience. Take a step back in time to a Victorian era where Earl Grey tea was a fashionable afternoon affair. Size: 68mm x 40mm x 155mm
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  • A light and energetic beverage brimming with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe your digestive system. A perfect after meal drink to be taken straight and warm, to help you relieve of any digestive discomforts while giving your body a natural boost. Let your body revive naturally with every delicious sip. Size: 81mm x 70mm x 131mm
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  • This refreshing drink is best consumed after a meal as it has been done for centuries. Revel in a healthy and reviving tea with light and soothing cup. Renowned for its antioxidants, this amazing blend is connoisseur's perfect cup. Size: 68mm x 40mm x 155mm
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