• A mélange of pure Ceylon black tea together with natural Rosehip & Raspberry make the perfect healthy drink you could dream about. Best known for its high content of Vitamin C, Rosehip have been used for centuries. Size: 6.7cm x 5.5cm x 8.0cm
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  • No matter how fast your mornings may be, drip coffee remains the same. Kinto appreciates the slow drip coffee with their SCS collection for the best coffee experience. The SCS Coffee Brewer in White gently drips 4 cups of coffee through a porcelain and stainless steel filter. This traditional method will revolutionize your morning coffee routine for the...
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  • The earthy tones and clay texture of these Slow Coffee Style Kinto mugs are so homey and cozy you won't be able to resist wrapping your hands around them. The chunky yet refined shape make them perfect for your daily cup of coffee. Size: 8.0cm x 9.0cm x 10.5cm
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  • A canister made of porcelain which coffee beans of approximately 200g enter. The product made in porcelain blocking the direct rays of the sun can keep a flavor of the coffee longer.
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  • Closed handcrafted wooden presenter with 6 rich red velvet lined chambers Each chamber can accomodate approx.10 sachets Size: 24.6cm x 20.5cm x 11.3cm
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  • Your SCS coffee jug helps you brew the perfect cup every time. Place the porcelain or plastic brewer on the jug and enjoy the rich aroma of freshly brewing coffee. The beautiful heat-resistant transparent glass lets you watch your coffee slowly drip. The helpful dot printed on the jug measures the perfect amount of water for a divine cup of coffee. Size:...
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  • Simple Tea Preparation the Japanese Way. The compact tea set for personal use consists of three stackable parts: a teapot, a cup and a plate. As the spout has a small inbuilt porcelain strainer, there is no need to use a separate strainer. The elaborate quality and tasteful color was created by the craftsmanship of Hasami-yaki in Nagasaki, Japan. Size:...
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  • With everlasting care towards our customers Basilur now presents you with these filter paper bags to make your tea drinking experience more convinient, so you can enjoy our marvelous loose leaf tea blends. Size: 2.8cm x 8.4cm x 17.2cm
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  • English breakfast produces the epitome of a traditional 'British' cup of tea. This brisk and stimulating tea is particularly suited to breakfast time, and can be served with or without milk. Size: 68mm x 40mm x 149mm
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  • Fall in to an enchanting fream world of blissful sleep with Tipson's specail blend of natural herbs.Natural chamomile is an ancient , which is known to failitate relaxation and sleep, and relieve insomina and stress.All the natural ingredients have been carefully blended to help you relax, unwind and enjoy a goodnight's sleep. Size: 81mm x 70mm x 131mm
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  • The old world English flavours of Earl Grey tea, is a warm and a sensational experience. Take a step back in time to a Victorian era where Earl Grey tea was a fashionable afternoon affair. Size: 68mm x 40mm x 155mm
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  • A light and energetic beverage brimming with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe your digestive system. A perfect after meal drink to be taken straight and warm, to help you relieve of any digestive discomforts while giving your body a natural boost. Let your body revive naturally with every delicious sip. Size: 81mm x 70mm x 131mm
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