Francis Kong on Fatherhood

Francis Kong on Fatherhood

This Father's month, Basilur Tea features the well loved Francis Kong. Aside from being the country's top inspirational and motivational speaker, Francis is husband to lovely Lilia and a wonderful father to Bryan, Hannah and Rachelle. Here's our conversation with him about fatherhood:

1. What do you enjoy most about being a Dad? Least?

Seeing the kids grow up mature, responsible, productive and committed to loving God. (best)

Not having more time to enjoy fun time with them. Parents grow old fast while kids grow up faster. (least)

2. For you, what is the most important role of being a father? Do you think today’s fathers have it harder, easier or just different?

To lead the family towards biblical values and centering on their relationship to Christ. (Foundation)

To pursue excellence in anything and everything they do and to be generous and kind once they experience success.

To protect their most important asset which is their credibility and integrity and to never take advantage over anyone either in business or relationships.

Today it is harder because media and world values usually teach the contrary.

3. Despite your hectic schedule, how are you able to maintain good quality relationships with your children? Do you also mentor them for business? If yes, how is it different from mentoring other people vs your children?

All available vacations are spent with them.

After work is done, make sure I come home and spend time with them.

Sunday morning is church day and family spends time together.

Yes, I do mentor them through their businesses but allowing them to explore and pursue their own dreams and strategies.

4. Bryan, Hannah and Rachel are doing well and succeeding in their chosen fields. What is the secret to raising good kids? Any tips for parents on how they can bring out the best in their children?

Once their value system is right, it would be easy to allow them the process of discovery and find out where they can be good at.

I would never impose my own dream and desires upon them knowing that God has a different plan and purpose for them. Today they surprise me with what they can achieve and I would have stifled them had I forced upon them what I wanted with the mistake perspective of thinking that it would be best for them.

5. What do you want to make sure that your children will remember about you?

That their dad love God with all of his heart, soul, strength and mind and that second to that love is their mom and then they come next.

In the FAMILY PIX photo: From left to right: Francis Kong, Hannah, Rachelle, Lilia and Bryan

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