Basilur was born in the land which produces the world’s finest tea, Sri Lanka. Formerly known as Ceylon, Sri Lanka possesses the perfect climatic and soil conditions to grow this noble herb, which boasts of a 5000 year old history. Each region, each part of this magnificent country adds a unique character and taste, making each leaf of tea more valuable than the other. Basilur Tea Exports, bears the expertise, experience and the knowledge to identify the finest of these fine tea leaves and take it to higher realms by creating the most eclectic blends of tea and use state of the art modern techniques to secure its freshness and quality. Basilur creates unique blends of tea with the most exotic ingredients such as a variety of flavours, natural fruits and herbs, making every tea drinking experience more unique and joyful.


Basilur continues its journey to be the most unique and versatile brand in terms of its products and intricately designed exterior. Basilur is not only a fine Sri Lankan product which carries the finest teas on earth but also a distinguished way of life and an epitome of versatility. Over 90 different blends of tea, over 200 delectable products, Basilur! A new beginning of a luxurious lifestyle with the unique experience of the art of drinking Ceylon’s finest tea.



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